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After Pentecost....What Next?  The Fruit of the Spirit

  • Sunday Matters


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    Next service:
     Sunday 23rd February 2020 Communion at Lorgues
    Venue:  Chapel Notre Dame des Anges, Maison de Retraite, 17 Avenue Quatres Pierres, 83510 Lorgues
    Time:  11am followed by bring and share lunch for those who can stay
    Directions: Under Sunday Fellowship>How to find us tab   

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    imageAs Pentecost slips past us we are challenged to ask ourselves " What has that got to do with me?"   Over the next few weeks, hopefully we can come up with some answers that are both relevant to ourselves and to those we encounter in our daily lives.  The important point to note is, not why God may gift others more than ourselves, or with gifts that we might prefer,  but what is it God is calling us to do with what he has given us. 

    First things first though, let's try and recognise what the Holy Spirit is doing in our own lives and see how that fits in with the life of our church because that is what underpins everything....and you have a part to play, and you might just be surprised how important that part is.

    From our Sunday Intercessions


    The television brings into our homes the stark pictures of people and families fleeing from the arenas of war and from persecution to our settled and secure communities in Europe. We give thanks for the security of our homes and the freedom of speech we enjoy living in a country free from war.

    We say together a Prayer for Refugees

    Almighty and merciful God, whose Son became a refugee and had no place to call his own; look with mercy on those who today are fleeing from danger, homeless and hungry. Bless those who work to bring them relief; inspire generosity and compassion in all our hearts; and guide the nations of the world towards that day when all will rejoice in your Kingdom of justice and of peace; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.  
  • A Wider View

    Love is the Way


    Bishop Curry sets the Wedding Alight.

    Listen to the full sermon here

    The sermon has been widely praised for its passion and truthfulness to the gospel. In conversation with Curry for Sky News, Justin Welby told him: 'I think what we saw in that is that preaching is not a past art, that the use of language to communicate the good news of Jesus Christ just blew the place open. It was fantastic. And you could see people just caught up in it and excited by it.'

    imageThe two both spoke warmly of the service itself and the happiness of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, with Welby – who led them in exchanging vows – saying: 'Everything went perfectly, the couple – it was a proper wedding, this was not theatre with a couple of pretty beautiful people in the middle, it was two young people profoundly in love with each other, committing to each other. It was just – it was tear-jerking, it was really beautiful.'

    imageCurry said: 'They were making eye contact throughout, they were – one of the things I've learned as I've been ordained a long time, is, that when you do a wedding, talk to the couple. And they, their eyes and their smiles and their reactions were talking back. It was non-verbal communication throughout the whole thing. And you could watch them look at each other, and even when when they weren't talking, the way they looked at each each other, just sent the message, these people were in love. For real.'image



    Reimagining Britain : Foundations for Hope 

    By Justin Welby Archbishop of Canterbury

    In a time of political turbulence, and as the Welfare State totters under the strain in a country that has changed dramatically since 1945, Archbishop Justin Welby sets out to identify the values that will enable us to reimagine, and to enact, a more hopeful future.

    The thesis is that the work of reimagining is as great as it was in 1945, and will happen either by accident - and thus badly - or deliberately. The author draws on Britain's history and Christian tradition to identify this country's foundational values, and the building blocks necessary to implement them in a post-Brexit, multicultural society.

    He explores the areas in which values are translated into action, including the traditional three of recent history: health (especially public, and mental), housing and education. To these he adds family; the environment; economics and finance; peacebuilding and overseas development; immigration; and integration. He looks particularly at the role of faith groups in enabling, and contributing to, a fairer future.

    When so many are immobilized by political turmoil, this book builds on our past to offer hope for the future, and practical ways of achieving a more equitable society.

  • News From the Vine

    A Message for the Riviera Chaplaincies


    Ascension Celebration 2018

    Listen to what the Spirit says to the Church

    Ascension is always welcomed and well attended in Lorgues, and this year was no exception. Our guest preacher and celebrant this year was Bishop Michael Marshall, retired Bishop of Woolwich, who was fresh from just covering the interregnum in Monaco. His message was both powerful and relevant, urging the chaplaincies to be open to the leading and inspiration of the Holy Spirit as we approach Pentecost. In a post-Christian culture in Europe, this is increasingly a message that requires not just listening to but responding to, and maybe that might just mean being open to new approaches as to how we, as Christians and Anglicans, can engage with the communities around us, in other words, to listen to the Spirit.

    Full text of Bishop Michael's sermon available here.

    Almost a tradition

    imageCelebrating Ascension in Provence for the Riviera chaplaincies goes back over 25 years when Sisters Cecile and Jean invited the Anglican churches from along the Cote d’Azur to come and join with them in Montauroux for this important day in the churches year. After a short break following their retirement, Danni Carew suggested it was re-visited and it has subsequently proved to be both a spiritually moving and enjoyable day that combines worship and fellowship in a different context and in the heart of God’s beauty and creation amongst the vines and pines of the Var.image

    If God be For Us Who Can Be Against Us

    For days anxious weather watchers checked websites for “Weather in Lorgues” for May 10th, or more importantly for Ascension Day 2018, and the forecast was for rain, showers, storms, patchy cloud, all very concerning for a Eucharistic Celebration of Ascension and fellowship picnic in the garden of Rev Peter and Shirley Massey in Lorgues. O Ye of Little Faith... the power of prayer knows no limits and we were blessed with a perfect day until the last tables and chairs were packed away and the Ascension pilgrims were on their way home. The heavens then opened and a violent storm dumped almost 2 inches of rain onto Lorgues... who says prayer does not work.

    imageAn added bonus to the day was the re-licensing of Bob Hurley for his second term as chaplain of Grenoble. Giles Williams, our area dean, did the formalities and a group who had come from Grenoble stood with Bob to both witness and support him.

    Music was also an important part of our worship this Ascension as both Fr Soon from Korea, who ministers with Bishop Michael, and Brother Michael, an orthodox monk, who worships with Lorgues with Fayence, played their guitars during the service. Bishop Michael, a gifted pianist, also contributed with pieces from Chopin and a beautiful version of Ave Maria.

    "Thank you for the Music"

    imageBishop Michael and Fr Soon visited us this week in preparation for Ascension day. He played and loved the electric piano in our " Quiet Shed" where we worship on Sundays and they will both be sharing their gifts of music with us on 10th May..  Bishop Michael will be preaching and celebrating and it promises to be a very special and memorable day, don't miss it.

    Faith and Fellowship

    imageIan Callen presents a fortnightly programme on Radio Verdon.  It is in English and guests are invited to share a bit of their story and choose three pieces of music.  This Friday 13th, Ian interviewed Peter who told a little of how the church started here in the Var back in 2005.  You can here this programme at 7.00pm this Friday on https://radio-verdon.com/   click on Ecoutez-Nous.

    Safe Guarding in Our Diocese


    The Diocese in Europe promotes “Safe Churches” as part of our commitment to the Safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults

    A new Safeguarding Policy and Protocol has been put in place, as of December 2015, and includes major updates in line with recent legislation changes and experience across the Church of England.

    All clergy and Readers have Safeguarding training and need record check clearance certificates as a normal part of their ministry. Hundreds of lay volunteers in local churches across Europe are being encouraged to go through the process to ensure that our congregations are safe places for young and vulnerable people to visit

    Previous posts in News From the Vine

    Billy Graham dies aged 99

    Evangelist Billy Graham had few equals - Archbishop of Canterbury

    Wed 21 Feb 2018 By Press Association

    imageAmerican evangelist Billy Graham was an example to Christians worldwide and had "few equals", the Archbishop of Canterbury has said.

    Graham, who had the ear of presidents and monarchs and reputedly preached to the most people in live sermons in history, died aged 99 at his home in North Carolina on Wednesday.

    He spoke to thousands at arenas in the UK during his tours, often referred to as crusades, in the decades following his first visit in 1946.

    In 1996, after he stopped travelling because of Parkinson's disease, an estimated 2.5 billion people around the world watched his first "televangelist" show, hosted by Sir Cliff Richard.

    And in 2001, Graham was awarded an honorary knighthood by the Queen, whom he had met several times, including in 1984 when he preached at Sandringham Parish Church.

    imageThe Most Revd Justin Welby said the church owed Graham an "immeasurable" debt.

    He said: "Dr Billy Graham stood as an exemplar to generation upon generation of modern Christians.

    "When it comes to a living and lasting influence upon the worldwide church he can have few equals: for he introduced person after person to Jesus Christ.

    "There are countless numbers who began their journey of faith because of Dr Graham.

    "The debt owed by the global church to him is immeasurable and inexpressible.

    "Personally I am profoundly grateful to God for the life and ministry of this good and faithful servant of the gospel; by his example he challenged all Christians to imitate how he lived and what he did.

    "He was one who met presidents and preachers, monarchs and musicians, the poor and the rich, the young and the old, face to face.

    "Yet now he is face to face with Jesus Christ, his saviour and ours. It is the meeting he has been looking forward to for the whole of his life."

    Ascension 2018 at Arc-en-Provence


    Thursday MAY 10th 

    We are very pleased to welcome Bishop Michael Marshall as our preacher for the Riviera Chaplaincies Ascension Communion and Picnic on May 10th. As Hon Assistant Bishop in London, he was the eighth Bishop of Woolwich. Educated at Christ’s College, Cambridge and trained for the priesthood at Cuddesdon Oxford, being ordained in 1961. His first position was as curate at St Peter’s, Spring Hill, Birmingham, after which he was a tutor at Ely Theology College and then chaplain to the University of London; subsequently being appointed vicar of All Saints, Margaret Street, London, in 1969. Six years later, at the age of 38, he became the Bishop of Woolwich, he was the youngest man to be consecrated bishop since ‘The Reformation’.
                 In 1984 he went to America to found and direct the “Anglican Institute”, based in St Louis, Missouri. The institute was a resource centre for renewal in the Anglican Communion, offering a ministry of retreats, lectures and missions as well as written programmes throughout all the states of America. In 1992 Dr George Carey, the then Archbishop of Canterbury, invited Bishop Michael to return to England as Advisor in Evangelism to both Archbishops, of York and Canterbury, this involved the bishop preaching and lecturing not only in England but extensively, throughout the worldwide Anglican Communion. Before his retirement in 2011 Bishop Michael was Rector of Holy Trinity Sloane Street.
                image  A renowned preacher and author he is also a gifted pianist and has performed concerts with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the Philharmonia Orchestra of London and St Louis Symphony Orchestra in the USA. He has also lectured on the Spirituality of Schubert, Mozart and Beethoven. In retirement he serves as an honorary assistant bishop in London. His “SPA” (Scripture Prayer Action) ministry which was developed with the Rev’d Soon Han Choi . In 2011 it was announced that he would spend a year in New York City. He was appointed Interim Rector of The Episcopal Church of the Heavenly Rest on 5th Avenue where he served until June 2013.  Bishop Michael returned to London and continues his ministry based at his old church.

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