Lorgues with Fayence in the Var

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Our very own bookstall.  The Good Book Company is a valuable resource that offers not just books , but many other resources that are of use to us as Christians who want to find out more about our faith and how to share it with others.  On their website they write ...

"At The Good Book Company, we are dedicated to helping individual Christians and local churches grow. We believe that God's growth process always starts with hearing clearly what He has said to us through His timeless word — the Bible."

We have our own bookstall with them so click here to have a look at our bookstall, not just for yourself, and that's reason enough, but maybe there are some ideas there for Christmas or birthday presents for children or grandchildren.

Our webmaster David Brock has added his comments on some of the books and each month will be picking one or two books to review and introduce to us, so check this page regularly to see what is on offer.

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